全球经济“节能、环保、低碳、新能源、新技术”的变革,给照明产业的增长带来了前 所未有的机遇和挑战。“广州国际照明展览会——阿拉丁神灯奖”旨在嘉奖对全球照明产业 绿色、节能、新技术的创新产品,光技术与艺术完美结合的杰出工程作品,以及为照明产业 的发展孜孜以求的卓越人士。Global economic changes themed "energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, new energy and new technology" have brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the growth of the lighting industry. "Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition--Alighting Award" is intended to honor those who seek green and energy-conserving innovative products using new technologies in the global lighting industry, outstanding engineering works perfectly integrating lighting technologies with arts, and the development of the lighting industry.“阿拉丁神灯奖”的标志有着独特而别出心裁的设计,西方的神话寓意结合中国的古文物“猴顶灯”的创作灵感,加上跃动的火苗,昭示着照明行业的美好未来。The logo of the "Alighting Award" was designed ingeniously. The implication of the western myth, combined with the inspiration China's antique--"Monkey Light" and the flickering flame, indicates the bright future of the lighting industry.“阿拉丁神灯奖”分为产品、技术、工程、设计四大类别。2015第三届神灯奖得到百名提名委员和合作机构大力支持,共收到422封推荐信,推荐申报加上自主申报的企业单位数量达到573家,771项申报,其中通过审核的达到621项。经过组委会秘书处的初审,提名委员、合作机构联合复审,七位终审评委终审,揭晓出本届“十大产品奖、十大技术奖、十大工程奖和十大设计奖”。The " Alighting Award" falls into four categories: product, technology, project and design. The 2015 (3rd) edition drew strong support 100 nominating committee members and cooperative institutions, and received 422 letters of recommendation. 621 of 771 entries submitted by 573 enterprises through recommendation or independently passed examination. Upon the initial review by the secretariat of the organizing committee, the joint review by the nominating committee and cooperative institutions, and the final review by seven judges, "Top 10 Products", "Top 10 Technologies", "Top 10 Projects" and "Top 10 designs" were ed.我们希望,通过“神灯奖”评选出行业标杆与优秀品牌企业,为业界树立表率,提供引导,促进照明产业发展。在各方的鼎力支持下, “阿拉丁神灯奖”必将鹏程万里,彰显我们业界人士共同的光荣与梦想!We expect to industrial models and outstanding branded enterprises for the award to set good examples and give guidance to the industry, thus promoting the development of the lighting industry. With the strong support of all sides, the "Alighting Award" will have a bright future and display the common glory and dream of industry players!
地区: 广东 广州市

胜龙 微阵列背投SMRP——2020神灯奖优秀技术奖

  • 品牌 胜龙





项目名称: 微阵列背投SMRP—3D26XX/27XX/28XX/31XX/32XX//V/M

Microarray Rear Projection SMRP—3D26XX/27XX/28XX/31XX/32XX//V/M

申报单位: 郑州胜龙信息技术股份有限公司



The basic principle of the microarray rear projection series is to use an ultra-miniature self-luminous light source as a single imaging pixel, and each imaging pixel is projected onto the display surface through a microarray optical reflection device, and the entire image is formed by integrating a large number of imaging pixels. The conventional method differs conventional projection in that a single lens is focused on a large screen. This new projection method reduces a large amount of light loss, because the entire projection process is performed in a closed space and the projection distance is short, so High brightness for good image quality. At the same time, by adding anti-blue and anti-glare design factors to the optical design, the influence of harmful light on the visual health of the viewer can be minimized, and the viewers vision can be protected.


拼缝 ≤0.1mm无缝拼接

枕形失真 无

对比度 ≥3000:1

色彩 281万亿色

投影距离 ≤1.5mm

成像模式 微阵列像素成像

表面透明度 95%

刷新频率 ≥3840HZ

表面平整度 ≤0.01mm

最佳视距 1.5M-30M

成像介质 漫反射表面结构 可视角度

水平175 °垂直175 °

光学材质 环氧树脂

正面防护等级 ≥IP54

色度均匀性 <1%< p="">

画面散焦 无

工作环境温度 -10℃~50℃

视频制式 NTSC、PAL、SECAM、SDTV(480i/576i)、 EDTV (480p/576p、HDTV (720p、1080i/p 60Hz)

3D制式 左右格式/上下格式/120HZ读屏模式,支持图像自适应,3D模式按比例播放

Patchwork ≤0.1mm seamless stitching

Pincushion distortion

Contrast ≥3000:1

Color 281 trillion colors

Projection distance ≤1.5mm

Imaging mode microarray pixel imaging

Surface transparency 95%

Refresh rate ≥3840HZ

Surface flatness ≤0.01mm

Optimum line of sight 1.5M-30M

Imaging medium diffuse surface structure viewing angle

Horizontal 175 ° vertical 175 °

Optical material epoxy resin

Front protection level ≥IP54

Chromatic uniformity<1%< p="">

Defocusing of the picture

Working environment temperature -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Video format NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV (480i/576i), EDTV (480p/576p, HDTV (720p, 1080i/p 60Hz)

3D system Left and right format / top and bottom format / 120HZ read screen mode, support image adaptive, 3D mode proportional play



Patented technology, no similar products.



It can not only display excellent display effect, but also realize the concept of healthy eye protection, providing users with a veritable high-definition eye-protection display product.


The display and control technology of the micro-array rear projection series has obtained a number of patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of China. At the same time, the eye protection performance of the products such as anti-blue light has passed the national authoritative test, which indicates that the Shenglong microarray rear projection realizes photoelectric display. A major breakthrough in the field, the concept of healthy eye protection is truly applied to the actual products, anti-blue light, no flicker, anti-glare and other outstanding product features, in the well-known liquid crystal, projection, LED display mode, created a A new form of display will bring a visual change to the display world.











10、 超高速刷新频率。



1, health eye protection: anti-blue light technology; anti-glare technology, effectively blocking blue light damage to the human eye.

2, energy saving and environmental protection: up to 70% effective energy saving.

3, safety protection: the front protection level reaches IP54, the surface is smooth and flat, can be wiped directly with a damp cloth.

4, intelligent correction: built-in correction circuit and pre-stored luminance ominance data in the circuit.

5, effectively eliminate moiré: convert the pixel point source into a projection surface source, effectively reducing the moiré phenomenon.

6, new light source technology, long life: LED pixel surface light source; life is 8-10 times longer than other projection products.

7, 2D/3D is fully compatible, perfect for the three-dimensional world.

8, true seamless stitching, any size customization.

9, 175 degrees of ultra-wide viewing angle.

10. Ultra-high speed refresh rate.

11, nanosecond image frame change speed.

12, easy to install, any shape.




In late March 2019, the relevant leaders of the Ministry of Public Security visited the Public Security Bureau of a city accompanied by relevant leaders of the Henan Provincial Public Security Department and the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau. Shenglongs microarray rear projection display system is ed for its unique display of health and eye protection, high comfort, high definition, high resolution, high quality picture, high stability, high protection level and high definition. platform. Shenglong shares successfully completed the mission and was highly praised by the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, the Provincial Public Security Department and the Municipal Public Security Bureau.


“一种超高清型三维微阵列光学显示器件及显示系统”专利号ZL 2018 2 0507891.3等四项国家专利。

"Ultra high-definition three-dimensional microarray optical display device and display system" patent number ZL 2018 2 0507891.3 and other four national patents.



郑州胜龙信息技术股份有限公司在质量上精益求精,相继通过以下资格认证:国家高新技术企业认定证书、高新技术产品证书(全彩LED显示系统)、软件企业认定证书、软件产品登记证书、ISO9001质量管理体系认证证书、ISO14001环境管理体系认证证书、OHSAS18001、中国国家CCC认证、中国光学光电子协会显示屏分会理事会会员证书、河南省电子产品质量检验报告、 美国FCC认证、欧盟CE、欧盟RoHS、多项国家专利等。